The Font

The font, where children and adults are baptized, represents the point where the christian begins his or her journey to a life with Christ. Baptism is one of the seven sacraments and the basis of the whole Christian life, it is seen as the gateway to life in the Spirit and gives access to the other sacraments. The font is usually to be found near the main entrance to a Church (to reinforce the symbolism of entry into a new life within the Church). The word 'font' originates from the Latin fons meaning 'a spring of water' and the area in which the font stands is referred to as the Baptistery. The font in St Mary's was installed in 1911 and is made of Hackenden Stone with four supporting pillars of Sussex Marble. The area of Hackenden is on the edge of the current town about ¾ mile North East of the Church.

The Font
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