The Platform and Altar

The platform at the foot of the chancel steps was constructed in the early 1990s. This was to enable the Eucharist (or Mass) to be celebrated more closely to the congregation, thereby reinforcing the concept of the worshipping community offering the celebration as one body, the church.
A new moveable altar was donated by a parishoner and other furnishings, e.g. the lecturn and credence table were all made to match the altar. The communion rail around the platform are removable to accommodate different patterns of worship as curcumstances require.
A credence table is a small side table used for holding the elements of the Eucharist (i.e. bread, wine and water) and the chalice and other vessels before they are used in the service.
During the celebration of Mass, the lecturn is used as the focal point for the Liturgy of the Word, this is the part of the service dedicated to listening to readings from the bible, especially readings from the gospels.

Platform Altar
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