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There are many jobs that need to be done to keep the church and grounds up to standard. The more people involved, the lighter the work load for everyone. Have a look at the list to see if there is a job you would like to do. If you have a wish to do a job that is not on the list please contact an appropriate coordinator or a churchwarden.

Inside Church

The nave

Outside Church

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Marion Downes, Edna Ransom, Denise Styles

Ken Jordan, Arthur Ransom

Church Flowers:

Displays throughout the year (except Lent & Advent)

Join the rota! You choose the frequency of your help.

Additional help required at Festivals.

Tuition Available

Gutters & Downpipes:

All lower level gutters and downpipes including the vestry roof to be kept clear and cleaned out in the Spring and the Autumn.

Soffits and pipework require annual painting.

Many hands required on this one!

Church Banners:

Some maintenance required to the beautiful banners.

Training Available


Drain chambers and linking pipe work to be kept clear and rodded in the Spring and the Autumn.

Church Cleaning:

General Cleaning in all areas, weekly or monthly on a rota, working to a plan.

Additional help required at major festivals.

Grass Cutting:

All areas of grass need cutting on a regular basis.

Are you willing to join the rota.

Mower provided

Brass Cleaning:

Monthly cleaning of the plate and candlesticks, and prior to major festivals.

Definitly a case of many hands make light work!

Hedge Cutting:

The beech hedge needs major cutting annually, plus maintenance trims over summer.

Help also required with clearing of the cuttings.

Church Hall:

Interior window cleaning on a monthly rota.


Control of weeds around the site.

Regular help keeps this area under control.


Join the rota or be in reserve.

Training given.

Leaf Clearance:

All areas of the site.

This job definitley needs many hands.


Church Hall:

Exterior window cleaning, if possible after the grass has been cut.

Any help given would be very much appreciated.

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