Repair and Restoration of the Building


This appeal was launched on Sunday 2nd July,the Anniversary of the Consecration of our church building, when we celebrated all that it symbolises for us as the people of God in this place.

The Window Challenge is a fundraising project for the nextphase in our restoration and refurbishment of the church. We need to replace the failing audio system and the church lighting as a matter of relative urgency. To do this we need to raise in the region of at least 40,000. As we have recently completed the restoration of the West Window we thought that we would use a large printed graphic of the West Window to create a visual aid showing how we are progressing with our fundraising efforts.

The graphic is a 99.9% accurate copy of the West Window and contains 1035 panes of glass of various sizes and different shapes. Each pane of glass, regardless of size represents 40 raised. For each 40 raised a pane number will be selected via a random number generator and that pane will then be coloured in one of six different colours, the colour will be selected via the roll of a dice. As our fundraising endeavours continue the graphic will evolve into a truly random abstract stained-glass window and hopefully spur us on to reach the target!

Please note: There is no plan to make any changes to the actual West Window.

Below is the digital version of the window graphic

Updated 27th July 2017


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